Why You Should Try a Non-Surgical Nose Job Before Rhinoplasty

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If you are unhappy with your nose, you might be considering having surgery to correct it. However, rhinoplasty can be very expensive and it requires a lot of time off to recover. It will also have a permanent effect on your appearance and it is difficult to be sure that you will be satisfied with the results. It can therefore be a good idea to try a non-surgical nose job at our London clinic first. Read More

How Affordable Is The Non Surgical Face Lift?

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The cost of cosmetic treatments has always been an important factor for many people, but recent upheavals and economic problems seem to have made affordability a priority for more of us. The cost of surgical treatments has been putting off many people, while the more affordable alternatives have been gaining in popularity. Many people are now turning to non surgical cosmetic treatments such as the 8 point and vampire facelifts instead of surgical facelifts. Read More

What Do Lip Fillers Look Like?

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Many people have a very false and outdated idea of what lips fillers look like. They imagine that lip fillers look fake, misshapen, and swollen, and that the effects must always be extreme and unnatural. However, the high quality lip fillers that are used in London today can achieve very delicate, precise results that can look incredibly subtle and natural. The results will largely depend on what it is you wanted to achieve, since the fillers can be positioned for different effects. However, the quality of the fillers and the skill of the person who is giving the injections are also important as they can have a strong influence on the way your lip fillers will look. Read More

Laser Hair Removal for Men

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Laser hair removal is an effective way to get rid of excessive or unwanted hair from any part of your face or body. Like other hair removal treatments at the London clinic, it is becoming more popular with men. However, unlike the other options for hair removal, laser treatment provides a more permanent solution. It can therefore be a great choice if you are looking for a convenient way to eliminate your unwanted hair. Read More

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