Are You Tired of Unwanted Facial Hair?

If you’re tired of unwanted facial hair, you aren’t alone. All women have some facial hair, but it is usually fine, fair hair that is often referred to as peach fuzz. However, sometimes a hair can sprout that is coarser and darker than usual. In some cases, this dark hair can become fairly thick, with a similar pattern of growth to male facial hair.

Causes of Unwanted Facial Hair
The reason why excess facial hair in women resembles male facial hair is that it is often caused by high levels of male hormones, such as testosterone, which are usually produced only in very small amounts by women. Sometimes there is a medical reason for the hormonal imbalance, such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, an adrenal gland problem or a particular kind of medication you are taking, but in other cases there is no identifiable cause.

Many women undergo hormonal changes, beginning in their thirties, which can make hair grow darker and coarser. Some women are more likely to experience this problem, as it can run in families, and it can be worse if you are overweight as you will be producing more of the male hormones. However, the problem is very common so most women will have some hair that they would rather wasn‘t there. Female facial hair just seems invisible because most women work hard to remove their it.

Solutions for Unwanted Facial Hair
If there is an underlying cause of excess hair, such as PCOS, your doctor may be able to prescribe a treatment that will reduce the problem. However, for most women there is nothing your doctor can do, so dealing with excess hair will be an ongoing challenge. If you are tired of dealing with unwanted facial hair, the best solution is to look for a more permanent form of hair removal. IPL treatment can work well for some skin tones, while laser hair removal provides a long term solution for unwanted facial hair that will work for everyone.

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