Balance and Symmetry: The Keys to Getting the Right Look

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Although cosmetic treatments often focus on a specific feature or particular parts of your face, it is important to consider the overall effect they will have. Your features don’t exist in isolation, so you shouldn’t change one without thinking about how it will affect the appearance of the others.

No Surgical Nose Job

Balance, Symmetry and Beauty

The two most important aspects to consider are balance and symmetry:

  • Balance: the way that your features fit together has a big impact on your appearance. When the features are in proportion to each other, they can enhance each other’s beauty. Cosmetic treatments can help by augmenting smaller features or making larger ones appear less obvious. For example, a large nose could be enhanced by a non-surgical nose job or hidden by performing a chin augmentation to make it stand out less.
  • Symmetry: symmetrical features are generally considered to be more attractive, although a little bit of asymmetry is normal and can add character to your face. Cosmetic treatments such as the non-surgical nose job can make a specific feature more symmetrical or enhance the overall symmetry of your face.

Finding the Right Approach

Since it is essential to consider balance and symmetry when planning a cosmetic treatment, it is important to get personalised advice on what will work for you. The treatment will need to be tailored to your face so that it suits the overall shape and works well with your other features. A consultation with an expert at a cosmetic clinic will help you to consider your options. You will be able to learn more about what specific treatments such as lip fillers or the non-surgical nose job can achieve. You’ll also get advice on which treatments will be right for you and how they can be tailored to achieve balanced, symmetrical results. The right approach can enhance the appearance of the whole face, not just the area that is being treated.

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