Botox London Cosmetic News: 4 Top Tips to help your Botox last longer

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You have had your botox treatment and you are happy with the result-but you wish it would last you a long time. The next step is you get yourself on google and ask the question “how can i make botox last longer?” Here are 4 tips to help you prolong your botox and remain ‘frown-free’ for that little bit longer. Read on..

1: Have frequent Botox treatment:   Cosmetic experts usually advise to aim to have your botox treatment every 3-6 months (depending when you feel that the botox has worn off) Remember each person takes to botox differently (while it may only last 3 months for your friend; it could last you 5 months).

With repeated use however, your muscles tend to get used to the botox and this will lead to botox lasting longer. For example, in the first time of having Botox; you may need botox treatment three times a year whilst in your second year you may only require two botox treatments in the whole year! Not bad if you do as the doctor advises.

2. Avoid having botox ‘too’ regularly it is completely acceptable to go back for top up 2 weeks following your botox treatment. However, it is not advisable to go back 6-8 weeks following your botox treatment; the reason being; your muscles will most likely be resistant going forward. You need to refrain from going back for more botox for at least 12 weeks before booking your next botox appointment.

If at 6-8 weeks following your botox treatment, you feel that your botox treatment has worn off; let your cosmetic doctor know and let them assess your face. Following your review, your cosmetic doctor will adjust the dose of botox suitable for your skin – this will offcourse prolong your botox.

3. Get the Botox dose right; go to an experienced/professional Cosmetic Doctor: choose an experienced cosmetic doctor for your botox treatment; read reviews, speak to friends, family or a colleague who may be able to recommend a cosmetic doctor they use for their botox treatment.  Word of mouth will be reassuring when visiting your cosmetic clinic for the first time.   Each person is different and an experienced cosmetic doctor will know the dose suitable for your skin muscles.You may need a smaller dose or a bigger dose for botox to last longer; it varies from person to person. Your cosmetic doctor will explain to you that the right dose in the right muscle will mean your botox will last longer.

Although there are nurses or beauty therapists who have been trained to administer botox injections; doctors have more knowledge when it comes to the anatomy of the face – they have more skills, training and experience hence it is always advisable to go to a cosmetic doctor for your botox injections.

4. Look after your skin:  If you would like your botox to last longer, choose an SPF (ideally SPF 50) to make your botox last longer – particularly when you are out in the sun. Ensure you wear high SPF even when out of the sun- UV rays are deceiving even on a cloudy day- not only will botox last longer but a high SPF also works as a safe protection for your skin and it keeps your skin feeling and looking younger.

Doctors know best; especially cosmetic doctors and dermatologists who will advise you to stay away from the sun (and sun beds) as the sun will not only age you, but it will harm you.  Cosmetic Doctors worldwide recommend the SkinCeuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50 (suitable for even very sensitive skin- it has a sheer, matt weightless feel and contains 100% mineral filters). Love and protect your skin by applying this on a daily basis (especially following your botox treatment) to prolong the effects of botox. (Available at all Dermadoc Cosmetic Clinics – Speak to your cosmetic doctor about it during your consultation or skin assessment).

I hope the above tips for prolonging your botox is helpful and you are able to follow this guide.

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