Can Exercise Keep Your Skin Supple?

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Exercise can benefit your mental and physical health in many different ways, including by improving the appearance of your skin. However, there are limits to what exercise can do, especially as we grow older or if we lose weight. If you want your skin to be as toned and supple as possible then it is best to combine exercise with the skin tightening treatments that we offer at Dermadoc.

Can Exercise Keep Your Skin SuppleThe Benefits of Exercise for Your Skin

Exercise can be great for your skin because it boosts your circulation. Improving the blood supply to your skin means that it is getting plenty of oxygen and more of the nutrients that it needs to stay healthy. Damaging chemicals and free radicals will also get carried away from your skin more quickly. Skin that is healthy and well nourished will look and feel better. It should remain smooth and supple for longer.

Another way that exercise can benefit your skin is by reducing your stress levels. Exercise can boost your mood and help you to forget about your worries. The effects can be particularly dramatic if you have a skin condition such as acne or eczema that can be triggered by stress. You may also notice that you are frowning less, which can help to prevent expression lines from forming or deepening.

Exercise is also an important part of staying toned if you are losing weight. Strength building exercises that build up your muscles will be most effective as they tone your body and provide support for your skin once the excess fat has gone. Sometimes it can be hard for skin to shrink back after weight loss, but this extra muscle can help. It is best to build muscle while you are losing weight, but exercise can also help even after you’ve lost the excess weight and noticed the loose skin left behind. The improved circulation you get from exercising will also give your skin the best chances of recovering by ensuring that it is healthy and well-nourished.

Exercise can help to keep your skin healthy and prevent loose skin when you lose weight, but there are limits to what it can do. It can’t put a stop to the ageing process and it won’t always be able to eliminate sagging skin completely. However, your skin will look healthier and feel more supple if you are getting regular exercise so it has an important part to play in caring for your skin.

Skin Tightening Treatments

Exercise can keep your skin healthy and help your body to stay toned, but it can’t put a stop to the ageing process. Our skin loses elasticity as we age because it stops producing as much collagen as it used to. Loose skin can also be left behind after losing weight, despite our best efforts to build muscle. Dermadoc can provide a selection of different treatments to address these issues and tighten your skin so that it looks younger and feels more supple.

  • Dermal fillers and non-surgical facelifts can address loose or sagging skin on your face by adding volume to the affected areas or boosting collagen production in your skin
  • Chemical peels can make your skin smoother by removing the older, outer layers to reveal the more youthful and supple skin underneath
  • Radiofrequency skin tightening uses radiowaves to tighten collagen fibres and boost the production of more collagen in problem areas
  • Ultrasound skin tightening can tighten collagen fibres and increase collagen production to improve skin tone and elasticity in target areas
  • HIFU skin tightening combines ultrasound and radio waves to tighten skin on your face or body

If you’re bothered by loose or sagging skin then you can make an appointment at Dermadoc to learn more about these treatments. Our experienced cosmetic specialists will help you to choose the most effective skin tightening treatment for your needs. Our cosmetic treatments can improve the tone and texture of your skin, even if you’ve been noticing the signs of aging or you have loose skin after losing weight. If you combine these treatments and a balanced diet, then you will ensure that your skin looks and feels as good as possible for as long as possible.

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