Dating Tip: How not to give away your ‘real’ age: Anti-Ageing Hand Treatment

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Did you know that your hands are the second most visible area of our body; our hands give away our age before our faces do. No woman wants to betray her true age with a simple hand shake or casual gesture, which is why hand rejuvenation has fast become this winter’s number one treatment to wage the ongoing war against aging and dry abandoned skin. With the lack of sunblocks available, especially for hands and with repeated exposure to sun, water and detergents; the skin in this area is usually the first to show signs of ageing.

Dermadoc’s top 5 winter “best-seller” is the cosmetic hand rejuvenation.  As our hands are the tools we use to do just about everything, like any well-used tool, hands can get worn out and begin to show the signs of aging all too quickly.

Do you suffer from one or all of these skin conditions?

  • Age spots and discoloration from sun damage
  • Loss of fatty tissues ( considered as thinning of the skin ) and
  • Enlarged veins can all make hands look older than the rest of our bodies.

Luckily, the above skin treatments are carried out to rejuvenate hands and restore the youthful colour and contour we once had.

In recent years, cosmetic doctors and surgeons have started to pay more attention to this area of the body. As a result there are now a number of non-surgical treatment options to help rejuvenate the hands.

Hand rejuvenation can be achieved using the following skin treatments:

Chemical Peeling: Improves and smoothes the texture of your hands, boosts elastin: mild peeling of skin (Recommended PeelsObagi Blue Peel, Agera, Skinceuticals)
Microdermabrasion : crystal exfoliant to gently remove the top layer of dead skin cells in the epidermis.
Dermal fillers: contouring can help to restore the look of youth and elegance in our hands by producing new collagen. (Recommended Dermal Filler: Juvederm Ultra, Radiesse, Teosyal)

Our Cosmetic Experts at Dermadoc will discuss your expectations in order to determine which combination of treatments will deliver the results you want So that you can keep others guessing your ‘real’ age!

To book for your Free consultation with one of our Cosmetic Doctors at Dermadoc, please email or call us on 0207 183 1921.

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