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London as we know it, is being referred to as ‘Botox capital of the world’- and at Dermadoc, figures reveal that patient interest from abroad is increasing. Not only do we have patients coming in from abroad for Botox or any of the other cosmetic treatments we offer at our London clinics; but we have patients coming to Dermadoc from all over the UK.

Patients may ask why choose Dermadoc Botox clinic London – what makes it so special? The Dermadoc team of doctors have earned themselves a reputation for their down to earth, friendly and honest approach in patient interaction whilst their Botox injecting techniques are articulated to create only the most natural results. Come and see for yourselves- our Botox clinic consultations are Free- patients are welcome to come and have a chat and ask as many questions as they like about our treatments at any of our London Botox clinics.

Our prices are really competitive also- we want people to come back for re-treatment and not have to pay a fortune- our aim is to maintain that fresh and youthful skin at a reasonable cost. Our Botox clinics in London are conveniently located; within walking distance of the tube station and our Harley Street cosmetic clinic branch is discreetly located so that you can come in for treatment and then carry on with your shopping and nobody would know that you’ve been to see us!

Be careful when choosing your Botox clinic in London; make sure you do your research. At Dermadoc, we have a ‘doctors only’ service; unlike the common Botox clinic in London who tend to have a nurse or beautician who carry out Botox injections.  At Dermadoc, we believe only doctors have the significant level of medical knowledge and expertise that nurses and beauticians lack. Doctors know the anatomy of the human body inside out and therefore are more precise and cautious when injecting Botox. Safety is key when selecting the right Botox clinic in London. All our doctors are registered with either the General Medical Council (GMC)/Royal College of Surgeons /Royal College of General Practitioners in London.  Dermadoc only uses Allergan Botox, so you can have complete peace of mind that you’re in safe hands with the safest and highest-quality products used in the cosmetic industry worldwide.

For more enquiries on our Botox clinic in London and to discuss the cosmetic treatments we offer at Dermadoc, please call us today and book a Free consultation with one of our cosmetic doctors, on 0207 183 1921.

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