Dermadoc welcomes the KEOGH report which enforces ‘Safety’ within the Cosmetic Industry

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Thanks to the KEOGH report, patients can breathe a sigh of relief as Keogh committee want to:

  • Ensure that all cosmetic practitioners are adequately trained and qualified for all the cosmetic treatments they offer (this applies to both Cosmetic Doctors as well as Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons). There will be strict regulations in order to reduce the number of cosmetic procedures gone wrong as a result of poor training/inadequate qualifications among cosmetic practitioners.

  • Spread the message that ‘Safety’ is ‘key’ when you are looking to have a cosmetic treatment (whether surgical or non surgical) and enforcing these regulations; we can have that added peace of mind that we can have our cosmetic treatment knowing that we are in the right hands medically and that only the safely regulated cosmetic products are being used.
  • Ensure that Dermal Fillers (Juvederm, Restylane) will become prescription only (as is Botox) regulating the dermal fillers that can be used in the cosmetic market, the practitioner who has the ‘appropriate skill and qualification’ to inject and also to ban the strong form of advertising them.

Off course, the KEOGH report is looking out for you (as the patient’s as well as the cosmetic practitioners) best interests and we are at Dermadoc strongly applaud these new regulations and will update you as soon as they come into effect.

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