Having a Botox Eye Lift at the Dermadoc Clinic in London

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Many of us think that we know what Botox is and what it can achieve, but the old stereotypes about a treatment that freezes the face into an unnatural, immovable expression, are very outdated. Botox can now achieve such natural results that it can be impossible for other people to tell why you are looking younger. When Botox is administered by an expert, it can even be used to achieve very delicate, carefully targeted results, through techniques such as the Botox eye lift, which you can have at the Dermadoc clinic in London.

Botox makes muscles relax, so it might not be obvious how it can give our faces a lift. To understand how a Botox eye lift works, we need to know how the muscles in our faces work. Our facial muscles tend to work in pairs, with one muscle pulling up and the other dragging the same part of the face down. This means that we don’t have to strengthen the upper muscle in order to give our faces a lift. Instead, we can target the muscles that are pulling our faces down. We can use Botox to weaken these muscles, allowing the opposing muscle to draw our faces upward, unhindered. The result can be a targeted, natural-looking lift.

A Botox eye lift might only shift our brows upwards by a couple of millimetres, but the impact that this can have on our appearance can be dramatic. When Botox is applied to the muscles at the corners of our brows, the effect can open up our eyes and make the surrounding skin look and feel younger. A similar technique can be used to target other muscles that pull our faces downwards, like the muscles around the mouth.

Whichever part of your face needs a lift, it is important that the person administering the injections knows how to target the right muscles. This is why it is so important to choose a specialist skin clinic in London where you know that the staff have the right experience. A skilled specialist can give you a lift exactly where you need it.

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