Hyperhidrosis is No Sweat with Botox

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Hyperhidrosis – or excessive sweating – can make life a misery for sufferers, causing body odour, embarrassment and social isolation. It can affect self-esteem, stop a person from going on a date or participating in group activities and trigger depression.

Younger people with hyperhidrosis could become the victims of bullying as other young people lack understanding for this distressing medical problem.

Excessive sweating can also spoil clothing and may necessitate several outfit changes every day. If you think that you are sweating too much and it is interfering with your daily activities, you can put a stop to it with Botox injections.

How Will Botox Stop Me Sweating?

Botox injections contain botulinum neurotoxin, the agent responsible for Botulism which is a food poisoning illness that can cause paralysis. Botox can treat hyperhidrosis by paralysing a neurotransmitter that stimulates sweat glands so they can’t produce sweat. The treatment is given via several injections into the glands in the armpits and if you don’t like needles, don’t worry, the effects of Botox will last for up to eight months.

You can have repeated Botox treatments for long-term management of excessive sweating or as a one-off to prevent embarrassing staining during special events such as a wedding, work presentation or school speech. It is affordable, quick and less painful than the often ineffective surgery for hyperhidrosis.

Visit Dermadoc

For botox hyperhidrosis treatment in London you can visit Dermadoc Cosmetic Clinic London, a cosmetic clinic that specialises in skin disorders and skin enhancements. Their expert skin specialists are experienced in Botox injection treatment for both medical and cosmetic reasons.

Dermadoc can offer flexible appointments including evening times so that you can schedule your treatment for after work if you need to. Waiting times in the clinic are kept brief so your time isn’t taken up.

Dermadoc see clients from all over the world and have internationally trained Skin Doctors who are bi-lingual. If English isn’t your first language and you would like to speak to your doctor in another language, there are doctors who can speak French, Arabic and other dialects so you will feel at home during your consultation.

You don’t have to put up with excessive sweating – to take control of your body, contact Dermadoc today.

To book your Free consultation with one of our specialist Doctors, please call us on 02071831921.

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