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Botox and Migranes wasn’t that the original use of botox treatment?

For those of you who are question the original use of botox; it certainly wasn’t used for cosmetic purposes; botox was originally used to treat migrane or for patients who suffer from a tick in the eye. Interestingly, botox can be also be used for incontinent and prostate. Botox was and is used as a nerve-blocker. 1992 is the year that botox was acknowledged and used for cosmetic purposes. Botox has been around now for over 30 years. It is regarded as the wonder drug of the twenty -first century.

How effective is Hyperhidrosis or what we call botox treatment for excessive sweating?

Hyperhidrosis and botox treatment for those who suffer from excessive sweating in their underarms, palms or soles changes a person’s life. I saw a patient who was nervous about going into work and to meetings because of their sweaty palms. The patient came in for botox and confidently returned back to work the following day. Botox will usually work the day after treatment. Botox for sweating can last approx 10-12 months.

Botox is becoming more and more popular even with the recession- why is that?

Botox treatment is non-surgical; it is not as complex as having cosmetic surgery or as costly. It’s non-evasive and is carried out in a few minutes. Botox treatment is becoming more popular for men as much as it is for women. There’s no doubt about it; botox and cosmetics will go hand and hand for a long time yet. Botox is very good for number 1; taking away frown lines, 2nd the lines in the forhead, and third, lines in the crows feet. It’s one of those medicines that has been around for so long; over 30 years, without any worrying side effects or at least minimal side effects. For this reason, it will probably go into the next century the same way it has entered this one with increased popularity and demand. A lot of patients feel that botox gives them increased levels of confidence and self esteem and that for the value they are getting; it is money well spent.

So does botox usually last 4-6months?

Yes, indeed ;the minimum time that botox should last is 4 months and it can last up to 6 months depending on each person and their reaction to it. At Dermadoc, our team of doctors use the safe and effective vistabel botox which tends to last longer than any other brand in the cosmetic market.

When  will the botox kick in- is it quite immediate?

Botox will generally take around 10 days to kick in. The effects will last 4 – 6 months depending on your reaction to it.

Is it something that needs to be done twice a year, is that the standard view?

Yes twice or three times a year in some instances; with the patients who find it lasts for 4 months will come in three times a year. At Dermadoc, we offer patients a complimentary botox top-up two weeks following their intial botox treatment in our London clinics.

And showing no signs of dropping in popularity; the opposite if anything?

Botox and dermal fillers have been two of the cosmetic procedures that have certainly held their own in these times of recession and especially as patients cut back from cosmetic procedures per say; facelifts and the more complex procedures they certainly will still try to preserve their good looks and their interaction and keep up the bright side and botox and dermal fillers seem to be holding their own.

For more enquiries on our botox treatments in london  or for a Free consultation with one of our cosmetic doctors, please call Dermadoc on 0207 183 1921.

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