Latest Cosmetic Treatment ; Nose Job – Minus the surgery

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“Looking at the latest tagged Facebook photo from your best friend’s birthday party last night- and you wish the floor would open up and swallow you- your side profile has been tagged and by side profile it’s not your favourite forward facing pose  -no-it’s your ‘cringe-worthy nose’.

Don’t despair- there’s a doctor who’ll fix it and ensure you get the results you want – quality service, affordable cost and thorough after-care treatment- would you really hesitate? Not many of us have the privilege of being born with a delicate nose and there’s no harm in considering non-surgical nose job which would consist of nose enhancement and nose reshaping. Our top celebrity nose request is the “Jessica Alba nose-job”.

Read on to find out what you need to know about the latest “non-surgical nose job” treatment;

    1. Non-surgical nose job– “what is says is what it means.” Non-invasive, no surgery or walking around with a plaster on your nose revealing to the world that you are recovering from a “nose-job”. The nonsurgical nose job saves you that embarrassment.
    1. Non-surgical nose job – is administered using dermal filler. Dermadoc’s popular dermal filler for nose-reshaping being the Juvederm Ultra 3 (which consists of natural gel based hyaluronic acid- naturally found in your body) Read more about the Juvederm family of hyaluronic acid (dermal fillers) by the makers; Allergan.
    1. The non-surgical nose job procedure– The dermal filler will be injected (bearing in mind with Juvederm – contains anaesthetic although you will be given the choice to have anaesthetic cream 20minutes before your non-surgical nose job treatment. Ok so here comes the important bit; what happens when the procedure starts; you will feel a tiny pinch (if that) when the dermal filler is injected into the skin. The nose is then shaped and dermal filler is smoothed out.
    1. Non-surgical nose job treatment time – Nice, easy and efficient – the procedure takes no longer than 20minutes tops!
    1. Post treatment of non-surgical nose job – We’ll save the best til last: No downtime- (even considered as a “lunch –time” procedure). That’s the beauty of it- you can carry on with the rest of your day or even lunch hour as planned.  Aftercare advice as well as 2 weeks review followed by a 3 months by your doctor is important post non-surgical nose job  treatment; in order to maintain the result from your nose enhancement treatment. Please remember that the aftercare advice is as important as having your nose job treatment. We are with you until the very end!

We do hope that from reading the above, you have gained a clearer understanding of the non-surgical nose job treatment. At Dermadoc, we offer a friendly, informal consultation; where you are free to come in and ask and enquire about the non-surgical nose job with one of our cosmetic treatments specialists – with absolutely no obligation to commit to treatment.

If you decide to go ahead with this non-invasive treatment then you know for sure.. “that embarrassing photo of your tagged Facebook photo of your side profile (of your nose) can be a thing of the past!”

For more information on the non-surgical nose job or to book for your consultation, please contact Dermadoc on 0207 183 1921.

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