Lip Augmentation: Making People Smile at Dermadoc’s Harley Street Clinic in London

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We all know how important it can be to have a good smile. Smiling with confidence can help us to make a strong impression at a job interview or to catch the attention of someone we would like to get to know. However, while some of us are blessed with luscious lips that help us to achieve the right kind of smile, some of us have narrower lips, or lips that are beginning to show the signs of age. We all lose a little of our natural pout as we grow older, and our lips can become smaller, flatter, and more wrinkled, but thanks to the expert clinics providing lip augmentation in London, we can enhance our lips to produce a smile that really reflects how we feel on the inside.

Lip augmentation can do much more than simply boost the volume of your lips. When it is performed by a skilled expert, like the specialists who perform lip augmentation at the Dermadoc clinic on Harley Street, it can also define and contour your lips, sculpting them into just the right shape. You can ask for more volume to be added to your lips, for small defects in the shape of your lips to be corrected, or for your lips to be returned to their youthful fullness. It is important to be clear about how you want your lips to look after the procedure, so you will usually need to meet with a doctor at the London clinic to discuss what lip augmentation can do for you. Once you are sure that this is the right procedure for you, you can make an appointment to have your lips augmented.

Getting lip augmentation right depends on experience, precision, and the use of a specialist lip filler, like the Juvederm used by Dermadoc for lip augmentation in London. These fillers enable your doctor to shape your lips very precisely, so that you get the smile you want. The effect of your lip augmentation at the Harley Street clinic will be immediate and it could last for a year or more.

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