Louboutin and Botox – The perfect combination!

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Botox can now be used for “stilettotarsal”- a condition which develops when women wear high heels. The discomfort at the base of the foot can be disabling and women spending ?’s on expensive shoes such as Louboutins simply can not wear them.

At Dermadoc clinic we have the pioneering technology available with all the correct training and expertise from our Doctors and Nurses.

Using minute amounts of Botulinum Toxin, the specific area of the foot is injected. The Botox then relaxes those muscles. To complement the procedure, filler is then injected to act as a cushion for the foot.

Prevalence of advanced Botox procedures in London is getting higher. More and more clinics are offering advanced procedures with little experience. Dr Tukmachi at the Dermadoc clinic (Harley street, New Bond Street and Hammersmith clinics) will administer most treatments. Please call on 0207 183 1921 to arrange your free consultation.

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