Louboutins & Dermal (Foot Cushioning) Fillers = The perfect combination!

As the fashion world develops different styles of shoes are designed, many of which have a high heel and the nicer the shoes; the higher the heels and the more pressure on the ball of the feet. For many of us, who are in agony after wearing heels, we are sufferers of a condition called “stiletto-tarsalgia” which is developed as a result of pain and burning sensation in the base of the feet.

Don’t you just wish you can wear your favourite heels (mine would be my Louboutins)- pain-free!?” Well, thanks to the revolutionary treatment called “foot cushioning” treatment administered only by a niche of Cosmetic Doctors in London, with Dr Tukmachi, founder of Dermadoc Cosmetic Clinic as one of the first to administer what many women refer to as “life-saving” treatment of all time (‘watch out for Dr Tukmachi on Channel 4 in October where he will be demonstrating this advanced “foot cushioning” technique live on air). ‘

So the important question “how does it work?

Procedure: Using minute amounts of Dermal filler, the specific area of the foot is injected to act as a cushion for the foot. (You can request to have numbing cream applied pre-treatment although the dermal filler contains lidocaine numbing that area and making the treatment pain-free).

Result: eases the pain and provide an extra padding for the ball of the foot. Results are immediate and you will be able to fully feel the difference in a matter of weeks or for some, in a matter of days.

Long-lasting: the dermal filler can last anything from 9-12 months. If you want it to last longer, a repeated treatment is advised at 6 months post-treatment, the benefit of dermal fillers builds up so that the effects last longer and deliver greater benefits.

At Dermadoc we use the leading Juvederm dermal filler*(number one in safety (FDA approved), soft application, highly effective yet natural results.)*

“What’s Juvederm dermal filler?”

Juvederm dermal filler consists of a soft based gel containing hyaluronic acid (a natural ingredient already found in our skin). As we age, collagen breaks down leading to loss of volume or flattening in the ball of the foot.  Using Juvederm dermal filler this will plump up creased and sunken areas of the feet, adding volume and hydration.

Thanks to the foot cushioning or what some refer as the “walking on pillows” treatment, you will be the last one standing in your 6 inch Louboutins…guaranteed!

“You want to find out more?” Book in for a Complimentary consultation at Dermadoc London and one of our friendly cosmetic Doctors will be happy to answer any of your questions on the foot cushioning dermal filler treatment. Prices start from £480 for both feet.

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