Recent Advances in Botox Treatment

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Botox has been a popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment in the UK for decades, but the way that we use it has changed a lot. Although we do still use Botox for wrinkle smoothing treatments, we are now able to achieve much subtler and more natural-looking results. We can also do a lot more with Botox, from relaxing muscles for a non-surgical facelift to treating excessive sweating.

Latest Advances in Botox Treatment

Scientists, doctors and cosmetic experts continue to develop new and better Botox treatments to tackle a wide range of problems. What are the latest advances in Botox and where are these treatments heading next?

Top 5 New Stories on Botox

  1. Growing Awareness of the Need for Experts
  2. When Botox first became available as a cosmetic treatment in the UK, there wasn’t much regulation on how, where or by whom it could be used. The rules on Botox use remain fairly relaxed compared to other similar procedures and there are still Botox parties and untrained cosmetic therapists giving Botox in the UK. However, there is also more awareness of the need for a skilled Botox provider, ideally one with medical training, in order to get the best results, safely. People are also becoming more aware of the need for proper support and a thorough consultation before having treatments like Botox.

  3. A New Type of Botox?
  4. Botox is a substance that is produced by certain kinds of bacteria. The Botox we use for cosmetic treatments is usually botulinum toxin type A, but there are a number of other similar chemicals produced by other bacteria. Scientists recently discovered another new type of Botox, type E. Could this one day lead to new treatments?

  5. Facial Exercises to Enhance Botox
  6. Researchers at Northwestern University in the US have found that performing some simple facial exercises after receiving Botox injections could help to speed up the effects. It can take several days for the full results of Botox to be seen, but these exercises seem to bring out the effects faster. Giving the muscles that are being targeted a workout can help the Botox to get working.

  7. Are You Using Irish Botox?
  8. One story that has recently been picked up by reporters relates to where our Botox comes from. Most people are probably unaware that all of the Botox used for cosmetic treatments around the world is made in Ireland. Botox has to be produced very carefully to ensure that it is safe to use. Thankfully, there is a factor in Ireland that specialises in getting this right.

  9. More New Uses for Botox
  10. New uses are always being found for Botox injections. While wrinkle smoothing and face tightening remain the most popular options, there are lots of other things that can be done with Botox. One new possibility is that it may be able to help prevent migraines. A recent review of the research found that people who usually suffered more than 15 migraines a month only had an average of 1.6 after Botox.

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