Surgical Versus Non-Surgical Nose Jobs

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For many decades the only way to improve the shape of your nose was with a surgical procedure that required a general anaesthetic and several weeks of healing time. That’s not the case anymore, however, thanks to the development of what’s called a non-surgical nose job.

Altering your Nose with Surgery

A surgical nose job is performed under general anaesthetic, and provides a permanent solution to the problem of a large or misshapen nose. Due to the nature of the surgery, however, most people require at least a couple of weeks of recovery time, and it can take up to several months before swelling reduces enough that the results of the procedure can be seen accurately.

The Non-surgical Nose Job

In a non-surgical nose job, cosmetic fillers such as BOTOX or Restylane are injected into the nose in order to provide smoothing and contouring. This procedure can be completed in as little as 15 minutes, with no pain, and virtually no recovery time. The results can be seen almost immediately and last for several months.

Which is Right for You?

Making the choice between a surgical and a non-surgical nose job may be difficult, but there are a couple of important points that are essential to the decision-making process.

First that not everyone is a candidate for a non-surgical nose job. This procedure is best suited to people who want to correct a minor problem such as a bulge or bump, but it can’t reduce the size of a large nose. Therefore, if your aim is to reduce the size of your nose, or correct a structural problem, surgery is the best option.

The second point is that a non-surgical nose job is ideal for people who want fast results without undergoing invasive surgery. The procedure is fast and pain-free, and recovery time is minimal. If the idea of weeks of recovery time has deterred you from having surgery, then a non-surgical nose job is the ideal alternative.

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