The Pros and Cons of Nose Reshaping

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Nose Reshaping

Nose Reshaping

Nose reshaping is a popular cosmetic treatment, but before you go ahead with this procedure you should carefully consider the pros and cons of this treatment. While you have a lot to gain by enhancing the appearance of your nose, it is important to weigh this up against the potential downsides of the procedure so that you can make an informed decision and be sure that a non-surgical nose job is the right cosmetic option for you. This makes sure that you have realistic expectations and will be pleased with the results if you decide to go ahead with dermal fillers to reshape your nose.

Advantages of Nose Reshaping

  • A simple procedure. Unlike a surgical nose job, choosing dermal fillers to sculpt your nose is a quick and painless procedure with little downtime. Treatment is usually over within 20 minutes and at worst you can expect minimal pain and a little swelling or redness after the injections. As a result, you’re able to resume your usual activities straight afterwards and no one will even guess that you have undergone a cosmetic procedure in your lunch break. This makes enhancing your nose with dermal fillers a convenient and discreet option, which is why many people choose this over surgical enhancement.
  • Improved self-esteem. If you feel uncomfortable with your appearance, this can have a significant impact on how you feel about yourself and your confidence can suffer as a result. However, if you undergo nose reshaping, this helps you to achieve a more pleasing nose that is an overall better shape and free from blemishes. Feeling more confident about your nose will then boost your self-esteem, which may help you to achieve more, as you are less reluctant to hold back when you feel more confident about your appearance.
  • Providing balance to your face. If you are otherwise happy with the way you look, smoothing out problem areas of your nose can help to bring balance to your face. You will no longer be drawn into your nose when you look in the mirror and other people won’t be distracted from your other positive features after you undergo nose reshaping either. This offers an overall pleasing appearance with all your features balanced in harmony, helping you to feel more attractive and increase your appeal to others too.

Disadvantages of Nose Reshaping

  • Change is limited. Even when under the care of the best cosmetic specialists at Dermadoc, there is only so much that dermal fillers can change the appearance of your nose. However, what is achievable using non-surgical nose reshaping will be discussed at your initial consultation so that you are sure this treatment will meet your expectations. If you are after a more drastic change to the size or shape of your nose, a surgical procedure may provide what you are looking for, but going under the knife can bring its own set of problems.
  • It doesn’t guarantee you will feel better. It is an important that you don’t pin all your hopes on nose enhancement improving your life, as while it has the potential to increase your self-esteem and confidence, if you have underlying issues with your mental well-being, a cosmetic procedure can’t promise to drastically changes things. Getting help with any pre-existing problems relating to low mood or anxiety is therefore essential before you consider nose reshaping.
  • Non-surgical results are not permanent. If you are looking for a lasting change to the shape of your nose, dermal fillers cannot offer this, as while they can provide up to a year of improved appearance, their effects fade with time. This means that you will need to get repeat treatments to keep up the enhanced shape of your nose. However, this is potentially an advantage too, as if you decide that after the first application this wasn’t the right option for you, you are not stuck with lasting changes, which you cannot escape from with a surgical nose job.

If you would like to discuss the pros and cons of nose reshaping in more detail, particularly those that apply to your own circumstances, make an initial appointment at Dermadoc today to find out more about what this cosmetic treatment can offer you.

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