Types of Facial Hair Removal

Many different types of facial hair removal are available that can eliminate stray hairs, get rid of excessive facial hair, or even provide permanent freedom from facial hair. If you need help selecting the right treatment for you, talking to an expert at the Dermadoc clinic could help.


For a Few Dark Hairs

If you only have a couple of dark or stray hairs on your face, then the simplest option is usually just to remove them with tweezers. However, it can be a little painful until you get the hang of it. Remember to pull your skin taut and pull in the direction of hair growth.

For Rapid Results

Plucking won’t work if you have a lot of facial hair to remove, but there are some other options you can try at home. Depilatory creams can quickly eliminate facial hair, but they can cause redness and irritation, even if you choose creams that have been designed for sensitive facial skin. Waxing can also work for facial hair, but both methods will need to be repeated often as the hair will grow back quickly.

For Permanent Facial Hair Removal

While treating your facial hair at home can get quick results, other treatments are available at the Dermadoc clinic in London that can do much more. The option we usually recommend from the many different types of facial hair removal that are available is laser treatment. We use a laser system that can permanently destroy hair follicles on your face so that they won’t grow back. Laser removal can be a better option than IPL as it will work on all combinations of skin and hair colour. It will take multiple treatment sessions to eliminate every hair as the laser can only work at certain stages in their growth cycle. However, once the follicle has been destroyed, the hair will not be able to return.

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