Types of Facial Hair Removing Methods

Various types of facial hair removing methods are available that can be gentle enough to be used on your most sensitive skin. Some of these techniques just remove the hair as it grows, but others can provide longer term solutions for facial hair.

Short Term Solutions
Several types of facial hair removing methods can get rid of the hair just until it grows back. Tweezers can be very useful for removing individual hairs, but if you have quite a lot of excess hair to remove, it would be too time consuming to remove each one individually. Waxing can remove hair more quickly, but it can too painful and irritating to use on your face. Another option for rapid hair removal is a depilatory cream. This can be a simple way to remove unwanted hair at home, but even the products designed for use on the face can be too irritating for sensitive skin. The hair will soon grow back if it is removed with any of these methods, so it can be very time consuming to get rid of your unwanted hair by tweezing, waxing, or using a hair removal cream.

Long Term Hair Removing Methods
Other methods are available that can eliminate your hairs for longer. The two main options are Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment and laser hair removal. Both of these treatments can provide long-term or even permanent hair removal. IPL treatment works by destroying the hair follicle, which it does best when you have dark hair on pale skin. The treatment isn’t suitable for use on darker skin tones. Laser treatment destroys the root from which the hair grows and can be used on any combination of hair and skin colours. Hair regrowth should be reduced after either of these treatments. The hair that does come back after IPL treatment will usually be finer and less visible. In some cases, the hairs never return after laser removal.

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