What Does Botox Feel Like?

If you are thinking about having Botox treatment in London for the first time, you might be a feeling little bit anxious about having a needle inserted into your face. Getting Botox is actually a lot less scary than you might think.

During the Treatment

Botox treatment in London usually only takes about ten minutes, although it can be a little longer if you are having a special treatment such as an eye lift. You will be offered ice or a numbing cream to help prepare your skin for the injections, but even without these there isn’t much pain involved in getting Botox. Some areas of your skin are more sensitive than others, such as the delicate skin around your eyes and lips. When you are ready, you will receive your first Botox injection. It will probably feel like a little pinch, which is more uncomfortable than really painful. However, it will be repeated as it will probably take multiple injections to achieve the results you want.

After Botox

It doesn’t take long to recover from Botox treatment in London. You can simply go about your normal day after getting Botox, but your skin might feel a bit sensitive for a couple of days. You might also notice some redness and swelling, and some people can develop some slight bruising around the injection sites. These immediate effects should be gone by the time you start to see the results of the treatment. Once the Botox is working, you may be aware that your skin feels a little tighter, particularly if you have had a Botox face lift. You might also sense that your face isn’t moving in quite the same way. You should still be able to express yourself but you might feel that you are no longer furrowing your brow and creasing your skin.

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