Why Choose Cynosure Elite+ Laser Treatment?

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Different hair removal methods have their own different advantages and disadvantages, and this is true even within the category of laser hair removal. While most kinds of laser hair removal methods work in much the same way, the various types of machines that have been developed have some notable differences. We perform Cynosure Elite+ laser hair removal at our London clinic, as this particular method has some advantages that make the procedure safer, more effective, and more comfortable for our clients.

All kinds of laser hair removal machines operate in much the same way: the laser beam they emit is light energy that’s converted to heat by cells in the hair follicles, and the heat destroys the follicle. The main difference lies in the frequency of light energy that’s emitted.

Cynosure Elite+ laser hair removal uses two kinds of laser frequencies. These are known as Alaxandrite, and Nd:YAG. Both are highly effective, clinically-proven wavelengths for hair removal. Alaxandrite is effective for a wide range of skin types and tones, while Nd:YAG is considered the most safe and effective method of laser hair removal for people with darker skin, and tanned skin. The combination of these two laser wavelengths makes the Cynosure Elite+ particularly powerful, as virtually anyone can undergo safe and effective laser hair removal with this system.

Another advantage of the Cynosure Elite+ is the system’s larger “spot sizes.” This term refers to the area of skin that can be treated with one laser burst: the larger the spot size, the more that can be treated at once. With larger spot sizes, treatments are completed more quickly, so with Cynosure Elite+ there’s less time spent having the treatment.

Cynosure Elite+ offers a fast, simple way of removing unwanted hair permanently. We provide this safe and effective laser hair removal treatment at our London clinic, for removing hair from the face and body.

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