Wrinkle Filler Treatments for Men

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Wrinkle fillers have been very popular with women for many years, but a growing number of men are also seeking out this treatment too.


Why Are More Men Having Wrinkle Fillers?

The growing interest in dermal fillers for men reflects the increasing interest that men are now taking in their appearance. Men are seeking cosmetic treatments to help them feel more confident both professionally and personally, particularly when presenting themselves online through social media, dating apps and professional networking sites.

Men are particularly attracted to wrinkle fillers because they use a naturally occurring material found in the skin, so nothing artificial is being added. The treatment is also quick and easy to have, with long-lasting effects, no downtime and no telltale signs that you’ve had a cosmetic treatment. The most common treatments requested by men include filling out hollows under the eyes, reducing lines around the mouth and getting rid of frown lines. Often it is as much about looking more awake and energetic as it is about looking younger.

The Differences Between Male and Female Wrinkle Treatments

Although the reasons for having wrinkle fillers and the areas that are being targeted are often very similar for both men and women, there are some important differences. Male skin tends to be tougher than female skin, so it ages differently. Although lines often form in similar places, issues such as sagging and loss of volume can affect different areas. Men are more likely to suffer from hollowing under the eyes and sagging around the mouth. Male faces also tend to be more angular than female ones, so dermal fillers should add too much roundness. Instead, they should enhance the definition of jaws and cheekbones, while preserving masculinity. In order to get the most out of the treatment, it is therefore essential to have it performed at a reputable clinic by an experienced person who understands these differences.

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