Botox Injections in London – How Safe is Botox?


Booking for your botox injection in London is as popular as booking for your regular hair appointment at the salon.


Botox injections have been around for the last 30 years since its approval for cosmetic use - millions of procedures have been performed worldwide. That is reassuring. What’s more reassuring is that there has been no report of any serious or permanent side effects from patients; in the right hands and particularly if administered (by a doctor as oppose to a nurse) – botox injections is a very safe treatment. Botox injections should only be administered by a medical professional trained, qualified and experienced in this procedure.


The fact that botox injections have been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is proof to its safety and efficiency.  The FDA is one of the strictest agencies in the world for regulating drugs and cosmetics. Only those medicines, cosmetics and treatments (such as botox injections) approved by the FDA should ever be considered by a patient who wish to be have a treatment that is not only safe but also effective.


At Dermadoc, we pride ourselves in being one of the select doctor-led cosmetic clinics in London; all our doctors are registered by the GMC (General Medical Council and/or Royal College of Surgeons in the UK. The best practitioners believe that administering botox is more of an art than a science and at Dermadoc, our doctors articulate their botox injecting skills in creating a subtle and pain-less result for patients. This in turn equals to a happy patient.


Clinics offering botox injections in London are very easy to find nowadays; however one must research the clinic and practitioner before booking for their botox injection treatment. At Dermadoc, we offer the patient a Complimentary consultation with one of our doctors; to ensure complete patient satisfaction; the patient is free to ask any questions related to the botox injections treatment or any of the cosmetic treatments that we offer. We also offer a Free botox inections top-up within a fortnight of the patient having the botox injection treatment.  Our team of doctors prefer to under-correct and see how each face looks after a fortnight before injecting any more botox resulting in fresher and more natural results.


Despite scare stories, rest assured your botox inection treatment is pretty safe and as a prescribed medicine; botox is one of the most thoroughly tested and regulated wrinkle-filling substances in the cosmetic industry.



For a Free consultation with one of our highly skilled cosmetic doctors, please contact Dermadoc London on 0207 183 1921. Read more about our botox injections treatments in our London clinics on

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