Caci Non Surgical Face Lift

If you have your non surgical facelift at the Dermadoc clinic, it will be performed using the Caci toning and wrinkle removing treatments. While there are a range of surgery-free face lift options available, the Caci Non Surgical Face Lift uses the latest technology to combine microcurrent, microdemabrasion and photo stimulation using LED light therapy.

This versatile treatment allows you to gently lift, tighten and train your facial muscles, while smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Not only this, but the tone, texture and hydration of your skin is improved, leaving you with an amazing skin glow. It is no wonder that Caci's non surgical face lift is popular the world over.



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Caci Facial Toning

As you age your facial muscles gradually lose their tone and elasticity. Your genes and lifestyle choices, as well as environmental factors, are all able to affect how quickly you lose your muscle tone and the extent to which this occurs.

Sagging facial skin can leave you looking tired and older than your true age. However, thanks to the microcurrent toning therapy that Caci offers, it is possible to preserve your facial muscle tone.

Originally microcurrent therapy was developed as a medical treatment for facial palsy, using tiny electrical impulses to restore muscle tone. Now this highly successful technology is used as a painless cosmetic procedure to achieve the increasingly popular non-surgical face lift.

During a treatment session precise movements are used to manipulate and educate all of your facial muscles with the aid of a cotton-tipped wand, which transfers the current's energy to restore your facial muscles' elasticity and tone. Typically you will start to notice a difference after your initial treatment, though a series of 12 treatments is recommended by Caci for best results, with ongoing top up treatments suggested to maintain your skin's lift and tone.

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Caci Wrinkle Removal

Besides toning your face, using Caci's revolutionary technology it is possible to significantly reduce the fine lines and wrinkles that appear across your forehead, and around your eyes and mouth, as a result of collagen breakdown. This offers you far quicker and more effective results than any lifestyle modifications can promise, though staying safe in the sun, eating a nutritious diet, quitting smoking and moderating your alcohol intake will all help to preserve the health of your skin.

Microcurrent facial toning helps to restore the volume you have lost from your face, smoothing out wrinkles in the process. This is particularly useful if you experience drooping of the skin around your eyes, cheeks and jowls, as this is a key cause of wrinkles.

However, microdermabrasion technology can also reduce premature lines by encouraging new collagen production. This extra collagen fills in the creases in your skin and helps to promote tissue repair, so your skin appears smoother and plumper. By taking out these lines your face will look much fresher and it will knock years off your appearance.

A Facelift Without Surgery

The safe and non-invasive treatments used at the Dermadoc clinic are an effective alternative to a surgical facelift. Our facelift without surgery can achieve youthful, natural-looking results without the need for any downtime. Your skin will look toned and refreshed, with a noticeable reduction in those telltale signs of ageing. Sagging, loss of volume, lines and wrinkles, and reduced muscle tone, can all be treated by our facelift. The condition of your skin will also be improved, so you will look and feel revitalised.

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