Interview with Dr Firhaas Tukmachi: founder of Dermadoc Cosmetic & Surgical clinic


Hello Dr Tukmachi, when did you set up Dermadoc?


Dr Tukmachi: Dermadoc clinic was a single-handed cosmetic clinic which I set up in Fulham in 2009 and at the time it was myself and a receptionist. I covered all the sessions. I was also responsible for the marketing of the clinic and A-Z of the clinic development. Luckily, I built up an extensive client base in a short amount of time and I was able to expand Dermadoc. I knew I had a gift and since the first day I worked in the aesthetic field to date I am passionate when I am injecting. I am passionate about my job and I am very proud of Dermadoc. Three years on, five branches of Dermadoc is an immense achievement for me. 


Dr Tukmachi, what are the unique selling points for Dermadoc and what makes the clinic stand out from the rest of the cosmetic clinics in London?


Dr Tukmachi: Dermadoc is a doctor-led clinic, in that we do not employ any nurses to work for us or adminster any prescribed treatments. The doctors at Dermadoc have been handpicked to represent Dermadoc for their following factors: their speciality in a treatment (whether it is botox or dermal filler), their advanced technique, and their international recognition or for their excellence in delivering a personalised service for our patients at Dermadoc. Each and every one of our doctors has an exceptional quality which has resulted in the clinic success and expansion of Dermadoc. As well as being one of the leading doctor led cosmetic clinics in the country, we offer consultations for FREE of charge with no hidden extras. The consultations are also carried out in discrete confidential clinical surroundings.


Where are the Dermadoc clinics based?


Dr Tukmachi: Dermadoc is based in prime locations around London and UK: we have a clinic in Hammersmith, Wimpole Street (parallel to Harley Street), Canary Wharf and Brighton. We also have a clinic in Stoke on Trent and Manchester. The clinics in London are all within walking distance to the tube station and all clinics have a personal as well as an aesthetic-feel to them.


How do you go about booking an appointment at Dermadoc?


Once you are interested in having a treatment or consultation, you can ring the central line for Dermadoc on:  0207 183 1921 and you are able to too with the desired clinic.


What are the new advances in fillers today?


There are too many developments in Europe in fillers. I feel we need to step back a bit and start using the ones were know the ones that are safe and reasonably long lasting but not permanent.

The best ones are also approved in the US by the food and drug administration where they make them use long-term studies– I mainly stick to the Juvederm range which include Juvederm 2, Juvederm 3, Juvederm 4 and Voluma which contain local anaesthatic and the other one I use is Restylene.  The smoothness and anaesthetic in Juvederm is a big advance.


Are there any big differences between Juvederm and Restyalane?


Dr Tukmachi: Well there are- they are made differently and Juvederm relies on its different thicknesses it depends on the degree of what we call crosslinking between the hylaronice acid molecules; I don’t think Restylane gives the amount of smoothness as Juvederm. Having said that, there are people who prefer Restalyne and others who prefer Juvederm. I personally prefere Juvederm because like i said it contains local anaesthetic and gives a much smoother result depending on where it is injected.


What age is it best to start using dermal fillers- can you be too young?


I think if you have bad post acne scarring in your 20’s then it is recommeneded as they face stress and depressed about their scarring I think if you have deep scars- is best to best used. Majority of people don’t need fillers until they are 30- early 30’s. Some women are often embarrassed of extremely thin lips if they have that then they can consider lip fillers.
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