Cynosure Elite + Laser

  • Removes leg and facial thread veins

  • Fast and effective treatment

  • Less invasive than surgery or injections

  • Only £75 per session   




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Thread Vein and Leg Vein Removal

Advancing age makes you more susceptible to thread veins and leg veins, but so too does hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and the menopause, carrying excess weight, inactivity and exposure to the sun. If you find yourself conscious of these unattractive veins, Cynosure Elite Plus laser treatment offers you a less invasive option to surgery or even sclerotherapy.

After laser therapy the veins shrink until they are no longer visible, which usually takes around 8 weeks for thread veins. For more stubborn veins in your legs, you should not expect to see results so quickly or to remove the veins altogether, but you will still benefit from a greatly improved appearance. Even though heat from the laser beam is used to destroy the unsightly veins, you should not feel a burning sensation or any pain, as the laser focuses on the veins in question, leaving the rest of your skin untouched..

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