Why Choose 3D Lipo Fat Freezing?

By taking a three dimensional approach, no other surgery-free cosmetic treatment offers as thorough and successful a way of enhancing your appearance, providing a viable alternative to traditional liposuction. In comparison to other lipo treatments that use a diode laser (such as I-Lipo and Laser Lipo), cryolipolysis and cavitation physically removes your fat cells. This is beneficial, as physical activity post-treatment is not needed to metabolise the fat that is released, making it superior to the alternatives available. On top of this, combining radio waves and 3D dermology allows this treatment to additionally aid skin tightening and target areas of cellulite.



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Fat Reduction Using Cavitation and Cryolipolysis

If you have already used diet and exercise to aid weight loss, but you are finding that fat is stubborn to shift from some areas of your body, 3D cavitation ultrasound can assist with loss of fat and inches, offering you results straight away. Even if you are a healthy weight, but you simply want more definition to say your waist and thighs, this non-surgical treatment is also the ideal choice for you. Significant results are visible following each treatment thanks to the fact that ultrasound ruptures the membrane surrounding fat cells, so the cells liquefy and are naturally processed by your body.




Alternatively, if you want to target troublesome areas like your "bingo wings", "love handles" or "muffin top", cryolipolysis offers a safe and comfortable way to remove fat from these unsightly stores. Cryolipolysis works effectively, as it concentrates on a specific region of fat using a vacuum, before freezing this area to - 6°C under controlled conditions. Once frozen your fat cells form crystals and your body removes these naturally with the aid of its lymphatic system over the coming weeks and months. Owing to the success of each treatment, you only need to receive 3D lipo fat freezing on a given area twice yearly.

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