Treatment for Scars

If you don’t like the way your scar looks or it’s causing you discomfort, there are treatment options:

Silicone Sheets – You can buy silicone sheets from your pharmacy. These can be placed over a still healing scar to reduce inflammation. They should be worn all day for at least three months to obtain maximum benefit.

Pressure Dressings – These stretchy, elastic bandages can be used in conjunction with silicone sheets to smooth scars.

Corticosteroid Injections – If you have a hypertropic or keloid scar then you could have steroid injections to flatten the scar tissue.

Laser Treatment – Laser beams can be fired at the scar to break up excess scar tissue.

Dermal FillersDermal filler injections can be given to ‘fill out’ pitted scars.


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