You may have patches of skin that are lighter than others. If you are producing too little melanin, your skin may be lighter than its supposed to be. If you produce too much your skin may be darker. Those with melanin deficiency can blister more easily and suffer from skin infections..

You don't have to put up with uneven skin tones and some cases may be temporary if they are treated promptly.




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Treatment for Skin Pigmentation Disorder


Photopneumatic therapy: This is a type of light therapy that stimulates the rejuvenation of melanin cells so that the new healthy cells can produce a healthier looking skin. It is a faster treatment than laser therapy and the results are instantaneous.


Steroid Creams: If you have hyperpigmentation you should avoid too much sun exposure and sun beds and use sunscreen. If it was the result of inflammation, temporary use of a topical steroid might help.


Laser Therapy: Laser treatment can remove pigmented lesions and freckles to give your skin a clear look.



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