Permanent Hair Removal Treatment


Luckily, Dermadoc can offer an easy and relatively painless way to remove unwanted hair.

If your skin is beginning to show signs of sun damage and is looking uneven then you may feel self-conscious but at Dermadoc we can offer permanent cosmetic solutions to reverse the issue.






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Laser hair removal (Award winning Cynosure Elite+ Laser Machine):


Our treatments can be used anywhere on your body (depending on where the unwanted hair is located) and can mean that you will never have to go through the constant irritation of shaving and waxing again. Not only is laser hair removal painless, it is also very fast working. You will see the effects of the treatment after just one or two hair removal sessions, and with between eight to ten sessions your unwanted hair should be a thing of the past!


Freedom from unwanted hair will leave you feeling more confident and you will no longer have to worry about your hair removal routine.

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